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Water Damage In Mt. Vernon, NY

What Happened? A slow and steady roof leak lead to some water damage in this Mt. Vernon, NY. Knowing the potential implications if left unmitigated, the homeown... READ MORE

Storm Damage Causes Leak In Fleetwood, NY Home’s Roof

What Happened? When this Fleetwood, NY residence was hammered by a torrential rainstorm, extensive water infiltration made itself immediately apparent. Concerne... READ MORE

Residential Fire Damage Cleanup In Scarsdale, NY

What Happened? A faulty space heater caused the carpet in the second floor of this Scarsdale, NY residence to catch fire, resulting in a raging inferno that eng... READ MORE

Mold Inside Vacant Bronxville, NY Home

What Happened? This Bronxville, NY residence’s property owner was dismayed to find it filled with black mold colonies after lying vacant for several years... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Bursts in Ludlow, NY

What Happened? When a week of heavy winter storms hit this Ludlow, NY residence, a PVC water pipe froze and burst after the property lost power. The ensuing flo... READ MORE

Storage Unit Water Damage in Nodine Hill, NY

What Happened? When a storage unit facility operator in Nodine Hill, NY noticed a puddle forming underneath the roll-up door of one of their units, they knew tr... READ MORE

Flood Damage In Lincoln Park, NY

What Happened? The basement of this Lincoln Park, NY apartment complex was subject to heavy flooding damage after a week of heavy storms. A sump pump failure on... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Mt. Vernon, NY Apartment Complex

What Happened? After a kitchen fire caused extensive damage to this Mt. Vernon, NY apartment complex, the property owners were at a complete loss. Knowing the s... READ MORE

Eastchester, NY flood caused by leaking pipe

What Happened? This Eastchester, NY school was distraught to come back from summer break to find a massive hole had developed in an upper-level floor’s ce... READ MORE

Biohazard Damage in Crestwood, NY

What Happened? After a backed up sewage pipe lead to an absolutely disgusting flood in this Crestwood, NY homeowner’s bathroom, they were at a loss with h... READ MORE