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Dealing with Fire Damage? Call the Best Fire Damage Repair Company in New York

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Repair in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, reliable fire damage repair services!

Dealing with Fire Damage? Call the Best Fire Damage Repair Company in New York

Fire is one of the most common emergencies in residential and commercial properties. SERVPRO of Yonkers North provides quality fire damage repair services to help businesses, families, and individuals get back to normal after a fire. A client in Yonkers, NY, called us for emergency services after a fire erupted in a residential home, damaging the building and valuables.

SERVPRO sent fire damage repair experts to the location to handle the destruction, offering the much-needed restoration services to the affected house. When looking for the best fire damage repair company in New York, consider SERVPRO. We provide professional, high-quality repairs to help clients recover after fires cause damage.

SERVPRO Fire Damage Repair Services

SERVPRO is the best fire damage repair company in New York, among other industry-leading brands. We have the expertise and equipment needed to restore your property after a fire causes damage. When you call us, our fire damage repair teams implement the following services to help you recover and go on with day-to-day life.

Inspection and Assessment of the Damage

When you call us, the customer care personnel will ask you a few questions to ascertain the fire damage situation at hand. After that, we will send the relevant experts to your location who will inspect the premises and evaluate the degree of the fire damage. We assess the extent to which smoke, fire, and soot have damaged your property to provide the necessary repair services.

Temporary Fixing of Destroyed Areas

As the best fire damage repair company in New York, SERVPRO also boards up missing walls and windows and installs cover on destroyed roofs. Doing this prevents more damage and ensures the security of your property and belongings. Our staff also removes debris, sets up temporary lighting, and installs emergency power if need be.

Water Removal

We also remove water from your property if there is water damage to prevent further destruction. SERVPRO has the tools needed to remove water and dry the affected area before the water causes more damage to the building and items like furniture, appliances, and valuables like art and documents.

Smoke and Soot Removal

Do not attempt to wash your walls or remove soot from other surfaces, including the ceiling. SERVPRO staff will handle that for you using the right tools and methods. That way, there is no risk of permanent stains, which are unsightly and can also ruin your belongings. Let the experts help you handle smoke and soot to avoid further damage.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Choosing SERVPRO means hiring the best fire damage repair company in New York. We also offer cleaning and sanitizing services. Our experts ensure that unaffected surfaces and items remain that way. They will help you pack, clean, and store personal property that is not damaged to save you money.

What Sets SERVPRO Apart from Competitors

You should be putting your trust in the best fire damage repair company in New York. That way, you are guaranteed of getting satisfactory, timely services provided by professionals with experience and expertise in fire damage repair.  

Choose SERVPRO as it is a leading company in the cleaning and restoration industry. We have specialized equipment and professionals to help with fire damage repairs. We are also available 24/7 to ensure you get services when the need arises. Besides, as the best fire damage repair company in New York, we can help you get fire-ready to minimize damages in case of fires.

The costs resulting from fire damage can be expensive. Our staff can help you set up safety features and fix faulty installations to prevent extensive damage in case of a fire.

Contact SERVPRO for fire damage repair services on residential and commercial properties. We run on a 24/7 basis and have the experts and equipment required for repairs. Our staff is thorough, professional, and efficient, offering high-quality services in the shortest time possible. 

Winter Storm Causes Damage to Residential Home in Northeast Yonkers, NY

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Repair in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, reliable storm damage repair in Yonkers, NY!

Winter Storm Causes Damage to Residential Home in Northeast Yonkers, NY

Many challenges come with winter weather for homeowners. The most common is sleet, snow and ice playing havoc with your walkways, driveways and roof. However, the most severe is normally winter storm damage, which significantly requires you to act fast to protect your property from further damage.

At SERVPRO of Yonkers North, we have successfully helped thousands of residents in New York to deal with winter storm damage disasters. For example, a winter storm caused damage to a residential home located in Northeast Yonkers, NY. The customer reached out to us, and we were immediately able to quickly clean and repair their house, allowing them to go back to their regular lives in no time.

SERVPRO performed the job to help the homeowners successfully and quickly repair these damages. This information will help you understand why you should consider reaching out to us for storm damage repair in Northeast Yonkers.

What Type of Winter Storm Damage Are You Likely to Face?

Storm damage can cause severe damage to your business or home. When you face this disaster, it is advisable to reach out to experts like SERVPRO to prevent further damage. Our first mission when we get to your property is always to assess the winter storm damage. From this, we can know the perfect repair process to follow. These damages could be:

Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes result from water within your pipes freezing and expanding due to extreme temperatures. This expansion leads to pipes bursting, which can cause severe damage within your residential property.

Ice Dams

Ice dams occur due to snow melting unevenly on the roof and refreezing at the edge of your roof. This snow prevents any other snow that melts from draining from the roof. The standing water then leaks back up under shingles then leaks into your property, leading to extreme water damage to your walls and even ceiling.

Roof Damage

Just like our client described above, the additional weight of ice and snow on the roof can cause it to collapse. Also, when there is a cold snap, there is a possibility of water getting into cracks. When this water expands on freezing, it can lead to more significant cracks and further damage.

What Services Does SERVPRO Perform On Your Property?

Like we did for our client in Northeast Yonkers, NY, we offer you comprehensive services once you call on us. We ensure you go back to your regular life as fast as possible. Some services we will offer you are:

  • Pipe Thawing

  • Structural Repairs

  • Mold Remediation

  • Roof Repairs

  • Moisture Mapping

  • Water Extraction & Mitigation

  • HVAC Services

  • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Why Choose SERVPRO for Storm Damage Repair in Northeast Yonkers?

There are many reasons why you should choose SERVPRO. These reasons serve as factors that enable us to work on your property efficiently and quickly so that you can go back to enjoying your haven. Just like our client above, some of the reasons why you should consider choosing us for your storm damage repair in Northeast Yonkers include:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year emergency response

  • Comprehensive services

  • Adhere to OSHA standards, along with local, state, and federal regulations.

  • Tried and tested repair process

  • 24/7 customer service

  • IICRC certification

  • Start of the art equipment and advanced technology.


Winter storm damage, regardless of the type, can be devastating. If you need storm damage repair in Northeast Yonkers, it is essential to have it addressed by experts. SERVPRO will offer you comprehensive restoration services. Reach out to us today, and we will provide quality work, ensuring that your property goes back to its preloss condition in no time.

Leaking Water Heater Causes Water Damage in Yonkers, NY

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damage Repair in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, reliable water damage repair services in Yonkers, NY!

Leaking Water Heater Causes Water Damage in Yonkers, NY

Regardless of the source, a leak is not a good sign in a property. In the case of your water heater, if it leaks for an extended period, it could flood your home. If this is not addressed on time, it leads to water damage, which can damage your home’s furnishings and structure, cause growth of mold, or lead to electrical damage.

Whenever you experience water damage due to water heater leaks, it is essential to contact water damage experts immediately. Like last week, a leaking water heater caused water damage in the basement of a home in New York near Northeast Yonkers. The owner managed to contact us, and we were able to clean up the damage and dry her home, leaving it as good as new.

This article discusses how we helped the occupants repair the damage. Hopefully, you will understand why you ought to contact SERVPRO of Yonkers North whenever you need water damage repair in Yonkers, NY.

Comprehensive Services

Once you contact SERVPRO, our emergency team will be dispatched to your property. Then they will assess it and develop a plan on how to restore your property from water damage. Our team of professionals offers you comprehensive water damage cleanup and restoration services, saving you the hustle that comes with working with multiple service providers. The services that we offer include:

  • Mold Removal

  • Home Reconstruction

  • Odor Removal

  • Contents Pack-out Service

  • Tarp-over Service

Tried and Tested Process

At SERVPRO, we deal with every property uniquely. Like we did for our customer discussed above, after assessing your property, we develop an individual plan that will help us get your home back to its preloss condition. However, after 50 years of experience, we have come up with several steps that we apply to every property we clean up. These steps include:

  • Inspection and Assessment

  • Water Removal

  • Drying and Dehumidifying

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Complete Restoration

Licensed and Insured

Water damage may seem simple- drying out the water and repairing damaged areas. However, there is a lot that this process entails. With this understanding, we ensure that we work with certified, licensed and insured technicians. 

We make sure that each of them has undergone training and can perform every water damage restoration process. Therefore, just like our customer who had water damage in their basement in New York near Northeast Yonkers, you can rest whenever you call us. This is with the confidence that your property is in safe hands.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Water damage within your property can occur at any time. As for our customer above, it happened late in the night. At SERVPRO, we ensure that we are available at all times. This way, you can contact us at any time, and our emergency team will be at the scene in no time. This availability ensures that your water damage is attended to immediately, preventing further damage to your property.

Professional Assessment

At SERVPRO, we take on every job with professionalism. We understand that water damage can damage the structure of your house, especially if it is the basement close to the house’s foundation. When we get to your property, we start by professionally assessing these areas and marking them to ensure the damage is attended to. Additionally, we reinforce every damaged area to ensure that your property is repaired.


Water damage can be devastating. However, you can minimize damage and quickly return to your day-to-day life with the right water damage cleanup partner. If you need water damage repair in Yonkers, NY, contact us. We have the equipment and expertise to restore your home as fast as possible.

Does Your Business Need Storm Damage Repair? SERVPRO of Yonkers North Can Help

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial Storm Damage Repair in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, reliable commercial storm damage repair in Yonkers, NY!

SERVPRO of Yonkers North for Commercial Storm Damage Repair

Recovering after storm damage requires you to hire the best repair company. SERVPRO of Yonkers North is one of the leading service providers for commercial storm damage repair. We offer professional services on a timely basis to ensure you get back to work or business sooner.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Commercial Storm Damage Repair

According to waterdamageadvisor.com, the National Weather Service reports that the United States experiences an average of 100,000 thunderstorms and 1,000 tornadoes every year. When storms occur, the damage can be minor or large scale on your building. You need a professional company for efficient commercial storm damage repair to have you back in business in as little time as possible. Choose SERVPRO for the following reasons.

We Offer High-quality Experience and Expertise

SERVPRO has competent storm teams to ensure you get the repair services you need as quickly as possible. Our technicians are qualified and trained to handle damages, and they have the experience and expertise needed to repair your place of work or business. We handle both large-loss and minor damages to give you peace of mind and get you back to normal day-to-day operations. Our experts have the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done.

We Provide Quick Response to Damages

SERVPRO responds to commercial storm damage repair needs fast. Our teams are ready to serve clients and ensure they get top-notch services. You can contact us when the storm hits and let us offer professional repairs to your premises. We implement a rapid response at your location to help you recover after the storm damage. Whether it is a workplace or business area, our professionals will offer you the services you need to get going.

We Provide 24/7 Service

Our commercial storm damage repair services are available 24/7 throughout the year. Our storm teams are always on standby when you call to give you the help you need. Our storm damage repair services help prevent further damage to your property and valuables. We are a trusted name in the restoration industry for offering quality, fast response to minor and large-loss storm damage. 

We Can Help You Get Proactive

Storms sometimes occur out of nowhere. However, if you live in a location that experiences frequent storms, you should be proactive. Do not wait until after the storm to get organized. Reach out to us and let experts help you get proactive before a storm hits your area. Our technicians can give you tips on safety measures and repairs you should do before the storm comes, such as cleaning your gutters and repairing the roof if it is damaged.

We Help Optimize Your Insurance Claims Process

SERVPRO also assists clients in handling the insurance claims process. We help coordinate the required paperwork to ensure you have an easier, quicker experience and get you back on your feet sooner. Our staff has the experience and knowledge needed to help every client get through storm damage. Additionally, we provide other services related to storm damage repairs, such as general cleaning HVAC cleaning.

The buildings we repair include the following;

  • Office spaces
  • Manufacturing entities
  • Restaurants
  • Sports arenas
  • Universities and schools
  • Convention centers
  • Airports


SERVPRO of Yonkers North has grown to become a leading brand in the cleaning and restoration industry, serving clients in many areas near Yonkers. We provide various services, and commercial storm damage repair is one of them. Our storm teams are available day and night to offer high-quality services.

SERVPRO of Yonkers North is a company to consider hiring for your commercial storm damage repair needs. We serve the Yonkers area of New York, offering quality services. Our teams are ready to go when you call, providing you with the help you need efficiently.

Residence in Northwest Yonkers, NY Requires Repairs After Fire Damage

2/8/2022 (Permalink)

Fast, reliable fire damage repair in Yonkers, NY Fast, reliable fire damage repair in Yonkers, NY

Residence in Northwest Yonkers, NY Requires Repairs after Fire Damage

Dealing with fire damages can be overwhelming. The damages may be caused by soot, smoke or water the firefighters may have used to put out the fire. It is wise to address these damages immediately since the longer you wait, the more the damage will increase, requiring more repairs. To deal with these damages, you need to work with well-experienced professionals such as SERVPRO of Yonkers North, who will repair your property and leave it in its original state.

Last week, one of our customer’s residential properties in Northwest Yonkers, NY, suffered major fire damage. Luckily, the customer could get our number, and they contacted us on time. Immediately we dispatched our emergency team, and we managed to restore the property to its pre-damage condition.

This article takes you through the fire damage repair process we carried out to secure our customer’s house. From this, you will understand why we offer the best Fire Damage Repair in Yonkers, NY.

Initial Assessment

We understand the damage and the cost of unattended damages within your property after fire damage. Therefore, we do not immediately  start the restoration process once we get to your property. A SERVPRO professional first assesses the scene while paying attention to every essential detail.

Even though we do a thorough assessment here, we also act fast since the more the soot, smoke, and water linger, the more the damage. We develop a detailed restoration plan after this assessment, just like we did in the case discussed above.

Mark the Damaged Areas

After doing proper assessments of your property, we then block or reinforce any areas that seem damaged to prevent further issues with the property. These areas may have resulted from fire and water damage weakening the structure and foundation of the house. Blocking off these areas ensures that the exposed parts of your property are protected from further damage.

Soot and Debris Removal

After the fire has been put out, your home will likely be covered in soot and a strong smoke odor. This is why; next, just like we did for our client from Northwest Yonkers, NY, we use our state of the art equipment to remove soot from every area of the house. Also, we use air scrubbing technology to remove smoke odor from the whole property.

Water Removal and Sanitization

After removing all smoke, soot and debris from the house, we then remove any water in your house and dry out the affected areas. For this, we use specialized equipment such as fans, dehumidifiers and air movers. 

This process is essential, as it prevents the growth of mold, which could affect the quality of your house. Our team of experts may also use cleaning agents to clean and sanitize your walls, furniture and any other item that may be affected by water, soot or smoke.

Damage Repair 

Like we did at the property mentioned above, our professionals then perform the last step: reconstruction and repair. Though in every house we use a unique list of things that need repair, most houses normally require:

  • Removing and replacing drywall

  • Installing new flooring

  • Replacing windows and doors

  • Fixing damaged plumbing parts

  • Repairing or replacing the roof


The sooner our trained expert assesses your residential property following fire damage, the quicker the repair and restoration will be. If you need fire damage repair services, call SERVPRO of Yonkers North. 

We are IICRC certified and have over 50 years experience in offering Fire Damage Repair in Yonkers, NY. We offer the best, most efficient and reliable Fire Damage Repair in Yonkers, NY, helping you get your home back to normal as fast as possible.

SERVPRO of Yonkers North - The Best Storm Damage Remediation Company in New York

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, reliable storm damage remediation services! Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, reliable storm damage remediation services!

SERVPRO of Yonkers North - The Best Storm Damage Remediation Company in New York

The repair and remediation task can be challenging and overwhelming following storm damage. This is because you may not know how to assess the damage or where to start the cleaning process. Luckily, there are experts in storm damage remediation, such as SERVPRO of Yonkers North, who are ready to help you during such devastating times.

Sometime last week, one of our customers' property suffered storm damage. Luckily, the client reached us on time, and we immediately dispatched our emergency team. They salvaged most of the family's property and did a thorough cleanup, leaving the property good as new.

Please keep reading to find out how we handled this case. From this you will understand why we, SERVPRO, are the best storm damage remediation company in New York.

Ensure Structural Integrity

At SERVPRO, we take the structural integrity of your home seriously when doing storm damage remediation. Once we get to your property, our first mission is to ensure that everything is stable. We are keen to tape off the damaged areas and handle these areas according to EPA and OSHA guidelines.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

We understand how frustrating it can be to move from one service provider to another after storm damage. We save you money and time by providing comprehensive interior and exterior repairs, leaving you with no need to hire multiple contractors. From the moment we get to your property, we take care of everything involved in the remediation process, leaving your house in its pre-damage condition.

Available at All Times

Storm damage can happen at any time. With this understanding, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our emergency response team is always ready to respond to all storm damages regardless of the time of the day. Irrespective of the time, we will answer all your questions, give you details regarding the cleanup process, and keep you updated on every step.

Skilled Personnel

We understand that storm damage remediation is a complicated process that requires excellent expertise. Therefore, we have a team of skilled contractors who will bring their top-notch knowledge and restoration tools and exceptionally carry out the restoration process. Like our customer discussed above, choosing us means you can relax and let the professionals handle the job.

Efficient Processes

One thing that makes us the best storm damage remediation company in New York is how we approach every case differently depending on the severity of the damage. After offering storm damage restoration services for over 50 years, we have experienced many unique storm damage situations. From these experiences, we have developed tried and successful storm damage remediation processes that we carry out on every property. 

They include:

  • A thorough inspection of your property to determine the rate of storm damage. From this, we come up with a restoration plan.

  • Securing your property to prevent further damage.

  • Extract any water present using specialized equipment

  • Dehumidify and clean your property.

  • Do a property’s restoration, leaving it clean and ready to be used again.


Several things make SERVPRO stand out as the best storm damage remediation company in New York. Be it industrial, residential, institutional, or commercial, reach out to us. We will immediately dispatch our team of experts who will respond immediately and help get your property back to its preloss condition.  

Local Restaurant in Yonkers, NY Suffers Water Damage Due to Blocked Drain

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial mold damage to a wall in Yonkers, NY Commercial mold Damage Repair Services in Yonkers, NY

Local Restaurant in Yonkers, NY Suffers Water Damage Due to Blocked Drain

Blocked drainage is widespread in restaurants. It results from materials such as oils, sludge, meat fats, and greases building up in drains. They then cool, harden, and stick to the drain pipes, causing a drain blockage. Between preparing meals, running your restaurant, and managing your staff, the last thing you need is a blocked drain.

Last week, one of our customer’s restaurants suffered water damage due to a blocked drain. It resulted in clogged pipes leading to water damage within their restaurant. Luckily, the customer looked for our contact, and they reached out to us. Let’s take you through the approach SERVPRO of Yonkers North took for this customer. From this, you will understand why we offer the best Commercial Water Damage Repair in Yonkers, NY.

Inspection and Assessment

Once we get to your business, the first thing we do is assess your property. We use advanced equipment such as moisture detectors and hydrometers. From this, we pinpoint the location of the damage and classify it accordingly. Also, we check the porousness of the affected materials in the impacted area and determine the amount of water absorption. After this, we can tell you the approximate time and costs it will take to restore your property.

Water Removal

After inspecting and assessing your restaurant, we then begin the restoration process. We start by removing standing water since it may continue damaging your restaurant causing mold and mildew growth. For this, we use extractors that are highly powered vacuums and pumps specifically designed to absorb all standing and surface water from your commercial property.

The different types of extractors we use to remove the water include:

  • Truck-mounted vacuums

  • Submersible pumps

  • Portable wet or dry vacuums

Drying and Dehumidifying

At this stage, your property may look dry, but some materials may still be wet. These materials may suffer further damage if left alone, such as warping and growing mold. We prevent this from happening by completely drying and dehumidifying the affected areas.

Here, just like we did for this customer, we use dehumidifiers and quality air movers to dry out any materials containing water. Throughout this stage, we monitor moisture levels on the affected areas to determine when your property is arid to begin professional cleaning.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

We ensure thorough, professional cleaning for all our commercial property projects, including the one discussed above. Our cleaning takes many forms, including:

  • Spray and wipe cleaning

  • Wet cleaning

  • Dry cleaning

Also, we use foam, immersion cleaning techniques, and even abrasives to ensure every item within your property is thoroughly clean. If necessary, we also conduct mold remediation at this stage. Here, our specialists also dispose of any damaged materials removed during the cleaning phase.

Complete Restoration

This is the final step in our commercial damage restoration process. Just like we did for our customers when they had water damage in their restaurant, this is where we return your property to its preloss condition. We replace and fix any materials that were damaged or removed. This process may be complicated or straightforward, depending on the rate of damage that had occurred.


Commercial Water Damage Repair in Yonkers, NY, is a critical and complex process that experts must do correctly. This way, your property will be safe and won’t undergo any further damage. If your commercial building has sustained water damage from blocked drains, reach out to SERVPRO.

We are IICRC certified, which is a sign of quality and efficiency. Additionally, we are available 24/7. Immediately you give us a call, we dispatch our experts to the scene immediately. This way, we begin working and get your business up and running in no time.

Home in Yonkers, NY Suffers Storm Damage After Heavy Rains

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Restoration in Yonkers, NY Storm Damage Restoration in Yonkers, NY

Home in Yonkers, NY Suffers Storm Damage After Heavy Rains

Storms can strike unexpectedly and wreak a lot of havoc. The experience is very traumatizing. With this understanding, we, SERVPRO of Yonkers North, offer you comprehensive wind and storm damage repair services. This way, we give you time to relax during one of your most chaotic times as a homeowner.

Sometime last week, a house near Scarsdale in Yonkers, NY, suffered storm damage after heavy rains and immediately the owner reached out to us. From the first call, we could tell how anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed the client was. However, immediately our experts took over and successfully cleaned up their home, leaving it looking as good as new.

Let’s dive into how we managed to perform the storm damage restoration. Hopefully, after this, you will understand why you should consider working with SERVPRO whenever you need storm damage restoration in Yonkers, NY.

Quick Response

Storms do not occur at convenient times. They can occur at any time of the day or night. That’s why we ensure we are reachable and available 24/7, including holidays and weekends. Just like in the case of our client discussed above, when you call on us, we immediately dispatch an emergency team of experts. We prevent further damage, do a thorough assessment of the property, and develop a plan of action.

Detailed Process

At SERVPRO, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for storm damage repair. Just like we did for our customer in Scarsdale in Yonkers, after an assessment of your property, we approach it uniquely depending on the extent of damage sustained. However, there are standard tried and tested steps we actualize with every property. They include:

  • Property assessment

  • Emergency repairs

  • Water extraction and dehumidification

  • Soot removal and cleaning

  • Deodorization and odor removal

  • Reconstruction and repairs

Fully Trained, Vetted, and Insured Experts

Though it may seem as simple as removing damaged items and thorough cleaning the house, restoring a home after storm damage is a complicated endeavor that requires excellent expertise. Therefore, we work with insured, trained, and background-checked technicians. Just like our customer, when you choose SERVPRO your property is safe in the hands of well-experienced experts.

Comprehensive Cleanup Process

It can be very frustrating and stressful to deal with multiple companies after experiencing storm damage. Unlike other companies in the storm damage cleanup industry, we do not leave you to work with numerous companies. From the first call to the final inspection, we will comprehensively clean up your home until it gets to its pre-damage condition.

Honesty and Transparency

We have been leaders in the storm damage remediation industry for over five decades. We are confident that our transparency in our services and honesty with our clients set us apart from companies in the same industry. From the moment you call on us, we ensure that we constantly communicate with you and update you on what we are doing. Just like it did for our client from Scarsdale, this transparency will give you peace and hope that your property is in safe hands.


After experiencing storm damage in your home or business, it's challenging to know who to call. SERVPRO is a restoration company that provides comprehensive storm damage restoration services. Contact us today. We will provide high-quality and professional restoration services, leaving your home clean, restored, and safe to stay.

Clogged Gutters Cause Water Damage to Residence in Yonkers, NY

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

If you need water damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Yonkers North! If you need water damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Yonkers North!

Clogged Gutters Cause Water Damage to Residence in Yonkers, NY

While gutters provide a pleasing aesthetic look, the drains surrounding your roof have a crucial functional value. Gutters help reroute rainwater and snowmelt from your roof and keep water away from your foundation. Clogged gutters can cause a swarm of problems. Unfortunately, one homeowner near Westchester County, NY, found out about this the hard way.

A lack of maintenance, coupled with heavy rainfall in Yonkers, resulted in water pooling around the home's foundation and siding. Water damage was the result. The good news is that SERVPRO was there to help. In this piece, we will detail how our experts conducted excellent water damage restoration in New York to help our clients return to their everyday lives in no time.

The Situation and Initial Assessment

The main culprit in gutter problems is often a lack of maintenance, which was the case for our client. When our client made the recommendable decision and called one of the leading water damage restoration companies in Yonkers, SERVPRO's experts were immediately dispatched to the site. The assessment process, which is the first phase of our restoration services, revealed the extent of the water damage.

The property's gutters had been loaded with debris, including fallen twigs, leaves, and dirt. Following the heavy downpour, the accumulated water spilled over the sides, down the home's siding, and pooled around the foundation. Small cracks in the foundation walls had allowed water to seep inside the home and into the basement. The result was a flooded, damp, and structurally unstable basement.

In such cases, immediate water damage restoration in New York is essential to prevent further damage and maintain the property's structural integrity. SERVPRO's professionals documented the damage and formulated a water damage restoration plan. Once everything was agreed upon, our experts began the restoration process.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

The technicians at SERVPRO understand the great inconveniences and risks that water damage poses. Our primary focus was to work effectively to resolve our client's problem during the time, and within the budget we agreed upon following the assessment and inspection phase. Below is an overview of the restoration project stages:

1. Water Removal

The first stage of our restoration process involves removing all the standing water from the affected areas via water extraction. Before water extraction, our team removed all the items and valuables that could be salvaged or repaired from the basement and other affected areas.

Our technicians then utilized high-power pumps and vacuums to eliminate and absorb all standing and surface water from the property. Following an additional inspection, we had to remove some carpeting and flooring materials from the affected areas.

2. Drying and Dehumidifying

The next step was drying and dehumidifying the home once we physically extracted all the water. SERVPRO has invested in industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers that dried out all the challenging materials to access during water extraction and still contained moisture. We then conducted additional inspections to confirm that the property was dry before cleaning could begin.

3. Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitization are essential aspects of water damage restoration in New York. SERVPRO experts are well-trained in safety and sanitization requirements. Our restoration professionals utilized wet cleaning, dry cleaning, spray and wipe cleaning, and abrasive, foam, and immersion cleaning to clean every item from the affected areas as thoroughly as possible.

Our roofing experts also cleaned all the debris from the roof and gutters causing the blockages. Afterwards, we disposed of the damaged materials and items that couldn’t be salvaged or repaired.

4. Restoration and Repair

The final stage of our water damage restoration services is the actual restoration. Our roofing experts repaired the sagging gutters due to the weight of the accumulated water and debris. We also replaced or repaired the materials and components that we had removed earlier or were damaged.

The affected components and materials included flooring, carpeting, drywall, cabinetry, and upholstery. Fortunately, this restoration project didn't require extensive work like home reconstruction. Our team was able to complete the project in record time, leading to a very satisfied and happy client.

We had promised our client we would return his home to its pre-damaged state. As the best provider of water damage restoration in New York, SERVPRO always aims to deliver.

If you need water damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Yonkers North. When clogged gutters or any other agent, artificial or natural, lead to water damage in your residential or commercial property, our experts are always ready, highly trained, and well-equipped to help you minimize damage, save your valuables and get your life back to normal.

Need Fire Damage Remediation in Northeast Yonkers, NY?

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Storm Damage to a roof in Northeast Yonkers, NY Storm Damage in Northeast Yonkers, NY

Need Fire Damage Remediation in Northeast Yonkers, NY?

Watching your home and possessions within it being consumed by fire can be such a devastating experience for you as a homeowner. After such a significant loss, reassurance comes from having great support and guidance as you try to save as much as possible. Start the fire damage remediation process immediately to salvage the most and restore your home to normal.

Though it may sound easy, fire damage remediation is quite complex, requiring experienced experts. They are the ones who can assess the magnitude of the damage, spot the problems and clean up your property, leaving it as good as new. This article looks at how SERVPRO of Yonkers North usually takes charge once you reach out to them when in need of fire damage remediation in Northeast Yonkers.

What Process Does SERVPRO Use?

Fire damage remediation is when damage caused by smoke, corrosive substances, and fire are cleaned, repaired, deodorized, and restored to the pre-damage condition. At SERVPRO, we have a tested process that is quite intense and thorough. It will leave your home looking as good as new. The process involves the following steps:

Inspection of the Damage

When our fire damage remediation experts get to your property, inspection of your property is the first thing that they do. They thoroughly assess your property and note any damages the fire may have caused. Additionally, they check for water damage that may have taken place due to pipes melting or may have taken place as the fire was being put out. From this, they come up with a unique plan on how to restore your home back to the preloss condition.

Securing of the Property 

A house fire not only affects the property within the house, it also damages the house’s structure, leaving it vulnerable. Our fire damage remediation experts always secure your home by replacing any damaged materials within the property’s structure. The securing ensures that your home is stable during the fire damage cleanup process. This process involves:

  • Installation of a temporary and secure fence

  • Bracing to maintain structural integrity

  • Temporary roof cover-up

Content Separation

Following a fire, many items within the house usually are damaged. They could be appliances, furniture, or even personal belongings. Our experts use their expertise to determine and separate items they can save and those they need to throw away. Those they can salvage are safely packed and taken to a facility where they are cleaned and returned to their preloss condition.

Smoke and Soot Damage Removal

Our experts use robust cleaning agents to remove any corrosive fire byproducts and soot from the ceiling, walls, countertops, and other surfaces within the house. Additionally, our professionals remove any unpleasant smoke odor using advanced equipment like hydroxyl technology.

Thorough Cleaning and Disinfection

After taking care of most of the damages within the property, SERVPRO’S team of experts then thoroughly clean every corner of your property using disinfecting agents. They clean furnishings, structural elements, and other items with residues, dust, and debris. This procedure leaves your house clean and safe for use.

Repairs and Restoration

We have a team of experienced experts that have experience in carpentry, electrical wiring, roofing, painting, and HVAC. This team does structural restoration and repairs within your property, ensuring that they leave your house looking as good as new.


Fire damage can occur to anyone. If it ever happens to you, remember to start the fire damage restoration process as soon as the fire department allows it. If you need fire damage remediation in Northeast Yonkers, contact SERVPRO today. We will follow the techniques described below, which have proved to get homes back to their preloss condition for over 50 years.

Business Suffers Fire Damage in Northwest Yonkers, NY

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Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Services in Yonkers, NY Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Services in Yonkers, NY

Local Business Learns From Fire Damage Experience

Looking back at the history and evolution of man, fire is perhaps one of humankind’s greatest inventions. Man inventing fire revolutionized the world and was a clear indication of human ingenuity and cognitive brilliance.

Today, fire is as cool as air, and everywhere you turn, there’s a use for it. When properly utilized, fire can greatly benefit you. However, when it gets out of control, fire can wreak havoc. This is why every homestead and business should have a clear and effective way to deal with fire, over and beyond general fire safety procedures.

A business that has been in Northwest Yonkers for nearly six decades had to learn about the unfortunate effects of commercial fires the hard way. The devastating fire left the company in dire need of services from commercial fire damage clean-up services in Yonkers.

The business has been in operation for about 60 years. Initially, the business relied heavily on manual documents. However, as everything changed with time, so did the company’s perception. In recent times, the business started digitizing most of its files.

One morning, when everything seemed normal, one of the employees noticed fire coming from one of the storage rooms. They quickly raised the fire alarm, and everyone safely evacuated the premises. The fire department also had a reasonably quick response time, and in about an hour or so, the fire had been put out.

Realizing the damage done by the fire, the business owner knew he had to contact SERVPRO of Yonkers North, the premier service offering commercial fire damage clean-up in Yonkers.

When the commercial fire damage clean-up in Yonkers crew arrived, they quickly moved into action to ensure the business would be up and running in no time. Commercial fire damage clean-up in Yonkers is an essential service that should be done just right and within the soonest time frame.

While the direct fire can lead to immense damage, the resulting effects after the fire can be even worse. The SERVPRO team dealing in commercial fire damage clean-up in Yonkers started by assessing the extent of the fire and determining its cause. 

As it turns out, the fire was initiated by faulty wiring in one of the storage rooms. Since this room housed most of the physical files that fueled the fire, it caught on rather quickly. The team tasked with commercial fire damage clean-up in Yonkers assed the repairs needed and started by patching roof holes and boarding up the broken windows.

Next, the commercial fire damage clean-up in Yonkers crew-initiated ventilation and salvaging processes. Ventilation helps accelerate the removal of dust and soot from the building, ensuring a safe environment for the team assisting with commercial fire damage clean-up in Yonkers. With this step complete, the SERVPRO team could then focus on salvaging items not damaged by the fire.

After that, the team handled water damage issues. Water and fire damage go hand in hand. In this case, the sprinklers had gone off, and the fire department had also used water to mitigate some of the fire damage. The water was removed to prevent further damage and the formation of mold and mildew.

The crew dealing in commercial fire damage clean-up in Yonkers then started the soot removal and cleaning process. Since soot is acidic, it can lead to further damage and needs to be removed quickly and efficiently. This is then followed by deodorization, which eliminates any bad smells from the business premises.

The commercial fire damage clean-up in Yonkers team was done in a few days, and the business could resume operations. Since most of the files had been digitized, not all information was lost.

If you ever experience a commercial fire, it’s important to call in the professional in good time. This will reduce your downtime and minimize the damage. SERVPRO offers commercial fire damage clean-up in Yonkers.

Why SERVPRO is the Best Fire Damage Cleanup Company in New York

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Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, reliable fire damage cleanup services! Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, reliable fire damage cleanup services!

Why SERVPRO is the Best Fire Damage Cleanup Company in New York

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the fire departments respond to over 300,000 house fires per year. Thankfully, most of these houses have been saved. However, this is normally just the beginning since the flames leave the property in a disastrous condition.

Though recovering from fire damage can be quite challenging, life can go back to normal upon working with certified experts from a reputable company like SERVPRO of Yonkers North. They know how to turn back the clock on your damaged property and get it looking and feeling like the haven it once was.

Keep reading to discover why SERVPRO is the best fire damage cleanup company in New York.


At SERVPRO, we understand that your home is not the same place as before the fire. There may be parts of it falling off, like windows and doors, or some parts hanging on the ceiling due to the fire destruction. That is why we make your property our priority as soon as we arrive. We assess your home for any areas that seem damaged. Then, our well-experienced experts take the necessary steps to deal with the conditions before beginning the cleaning process.

Transparent Communication

After fire damage, you may be confused and overwhelmed. In such times, transparency is critical to help you make sense of the situation. For this reason, we keep you informed on what to expect, what is happening and advise you on what to do to overcome the loss faster. We ensure that you are aware of every detail of what is going on, which will help restore your hope easily.

Great Customer Service

At SERVPRO, we have customer service representatives who are available 24/7. There are many ways to reach out to us, such as SMS, email, and even a phone call. We ensure that we answer all your questions and connect you with a local office to get an immediate service estimate. Our customer service ensures that they share updates with you and your insurance coverage providers at all times, ensuring that you are at peace throughout the process.

Fully Trained Staff and Certification

We are fully licensed by IICRC and are exceptionally qualified to remediate property after fire damage. This licensing means that our team of experts uses Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) approved techniques for the fire damage cleanup process. They have undergone intense training and have years of experience in the fire damage cleanup industry. With this, you can be assured of a quality job that will leave your property looking as good as new.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Apart from our expertise, we also have the perfect fire restoration equipment and tools, ensuring more efficient results. Our state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning agents increase the likelihood of saving your property without needing to replace it. Among the equipment that we use include:

  • Air movers and fans

  • Track mounted extractors

  • Viking drying systems

  • Air scrubbers

  • Wood floor drying systems

  • Dehumidifiers

Work With Home Insurance Companies.

Filing fire damage claims with your home insurance company can be a real task after fire damage on your property. At SERVPRO, we ensure that you do not struggle with these claims, as we deal with your home insurance company directly. That way, you can relax as our experts handle all fire damage cleanups.


Regardless of the fire, whether a devastating blaze or a small kitchen fire, you need to take fast action. Ensure that you clean up the damage before further destruction or loss of personal belongings. Contact the best fire damage cleanup company in New York today, and we will offer you complete fire damage cleanup services and ensure maximum recovery of your property.

Dependable Fire Damage Repair Services in Northwest Yonkers, NY

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Fire Damage Repair Services in Northwest Yonkers, NY Fire Damage Repair Services in Northwest Yonkers, NY

Dependable Fire Damage Repair Services in Northwest Yonkers, NY

As a responsible homeowner, it is normal to feel the need to be prepared for the possibility of a house fire. The best way to do this is to have a skilled fire damage repair services professional that you can trust to help you make repairs to your home. Regarding high-quality fire damage restoration services here in New York, SERVPRO of Yonkers North is the only partner you need to handle all restoration after fire damage.

Here is what makes SERVPRO the most dependable fire damage repair service in Northwest Yonkers, NY.

We Offer Comprehensive Fire Damage Repair Services.

We understand how frustrating it can be to move from one fire damage repair service provider to another, especially after fire damage. Therefore, we offer you comprehensive fire damage repairs, leaving your home looking good as new. We achieve that through:

Property Assessment

Though residential fire damages may have a similar cause, they are all different and need a unique repair approach. When we get to your property, the first thing we do is assess it. This assessment gives us information to determine the perfect and unique course of action.

Emergency Repairs

After assessing your property, we do emergency repairs such as reinforcing any weak structures and foundations within the house. These repairs help prevent further damage and maintain the integrity of your home.

Water Extraction & Dehumidification

Most of the time, fire damage happens concurrently with water damage. The water comes from hoses and sprinklers used to extinguish the fire in your property and from melted water pipes. If the water is left unattended, it can cause mold growth. For this reason, our team takes the time to remove any moisture within your property before proceeding to drying and dehumidifying the house.

Soot Removal & Cleaning

House fires lead to the production of a lot of soot. If not removed appropriately, this soot can corrode the house’s surfaces. We have well-trained experts who remove soot from all the home’s surfaces, such as the walls, floor, and HVAC system. They follow a standard procedure that leaves your property in its preloss condition.

Deodorization & Odor Removal

Smoke odor can be uncomfortable if a house does not undergo thorough smoke odor removal. We have well-trained professionals who use sanitation and cleaning equipment and detergents to deodorize and remove smoke odor from your property, letting you get to your usual routine comfortably.

Reconstruction & Repairs

This is the last process that we carry out on your premises. We remove the sections and structures in your property that are not restorable, and our experts reconstruct the sections. When necessary, we call in contractors for areas that require expertise while still overseeing the whole process.

We Are Available 24/7

At SERVPRO, we understand that you do not expect a fire emergency in your home- it can happen at any time of the day or night. That is why we respond to you 24/7/365, even on the holidays. We are ready to respond to an emergency when needed and offer quality services no matter the time of day.

We Uphold Care and Respect

After a fire accident in your home, feeling overwhelmed is expected. Hence, as fire damage repair services professionals, we aim to ensure that you are as stress-free as possible. We do this by treating you and your property with utmost respect and care. We’ll be with you every step of the way and ensure that we restore your property to preloss condition so you can get back to your usual routine.


If you need fire damage repair services, call SERVPRO of Yonkers North. We are dependable, efficient, reliable, and promise to deliver timely and quality fire damage repair services when you need them the most.

Flood Damage in Business in Northeast Yonkers, NY

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Commercial Water Damage Clean-up in Northeast Yonkers, NY Commercial Water Damage Clean-up in Northeast Yonkers, NY

Businessman Calls Commercial Water Clean-up Crew After Sprinkler Pipes Burst

Water damage can have devastating effects on your home or business. The damage from water damage can carry over to millions, especially when you don't take appropriate steps to mitigate the problem as soon as possible. When this happens, you often have to rely on business water damage clean-up in Northeast Yonkers, NY to fix the solution.

This was the unfortunate case a recently new business owner went through when their business premises were destroyed by water damage. The water damage was caused by broken sprinkler pipes that had burst after freezing overnight.

When temperatures plummet, your pipes could quickly freeze, which may then cause them to burst. In this case, the business owner from Northeast Yonkers, NY closed his business on a Saturday just like usual.

When the business owner was closing the premises, he noticed how cold it was, but this didn't really bother him. After all, the whole week had been relatively cold. When he closed the business, he did not plan to open until the following Monday. Unfortunately, little did he know the fate that awaited him, which would require business water damage clean-up in Northeast Yonkers, NY.

As the business owner recalls, he closed and went home. Early the following day, he received a call early in the morning from his neighbor two doors down. The neighbor sounded frantic and asked the businessman to leave whatever he was doing and rush to his premises.

At first, the business owner thought it might have been a break-in. But upon reaching the business premises, he was shocked to find water seeping through the door spaces to the pavement outside. Immediately, the business owner opened the door, only to be met with his worst horror – the burst pipes had led to water spreading everywhere.

At first, the business owner tried to salvage what he could. Unfortunately for him, his efforts did little to save whatever was not covered by water. This was when he decided he needed to find business water damage clean-up in Northeast Yonkers, NY. The top recommendation was SERVPRO of Yonkers North.

When the business owner reached out to SERVPRO for business water damage clean-up in Northeast Yonkers, NY, a team was immediately dispatched to his premises for commercial water damage clean-up services.

When the SERVPRO team arrived at the business premises, they quickly assessed the damage and realized the water was still spewing. They jumped into action and shut off the water to prevent further damage. After that, they tried to remove most of the water that had built up overnight. This is a crucial step in ensuring there's little to no room for mildew and mold to develop.

Once the bulk of the visible water was removed, the team then ran a commercial humidifier to ensure the place was completely dry. Simply drying visible water with mops and sponges is a crucial step. However, just because you don't see water doesn't mean it is all gone.

After performing these processes, the team liaised with several specialists and experts to ensure the pipes were fixed. This is yet another vital step as you don't want to undo the progress moments after.

The business owner was grateful that his premises had been restored, and he could go back to opening the following day as planned. While there was definitely some water damage from the bursting sprinkler pipes, the SERVPRO team had acted quickly and professionally to maintain the damage and fix the problem.

Are you a resident of Northeast Yonkers, and do you need business water damage clean-up in Northeast Yonkers, NY? SERVPRO will help with all your business water damage clean-up services. Don't wait until the water damage gets out of hand. Contact the SERVPRO team and enjoy reliable water damage clean-up services.

Commercial Washing Machine Failure Causes Flooded Business in Northeast Yonkers, NY

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Commercial Washing Machine Causes Flooding in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, professional water damage reconstruction!

In Yonkers, NY, a local businessman suffered massive flood damage caused by a failed washing machine. A backup pump was unable to counter the force of the water, and it flooded his Laundromat.

The flooding caused significant property damage to both the office and storage areas. They immediately called SERVPRO of Yonkers North, the best commercial water damage repair company in Northeast Yonkers.


SERVPRO arrived at the scene of the flooded business in Northeast Yonkers, NY, and immediately began the restoration process. The first thing they did was carry out a flood damage inspection. This allowed for a better understanding of the scale of the damage and helped assess the cost of repairs.

The flood damage repair team, which included water damage restoration experts, builders, and mold remediation experts, provided an estimate for the repair and restoration costs.


Once the owner approved the costs, the water abatement team removed carpeting and extracted water from corners, under furniture, and other inaccessible areas. The Yonkers North crew members cleaned up the area with a water extraction unit. Their water extraction unit used powerful suction to remove all standing water and prevent mold growth at the flooded business in Northeast Yonkers, NY.

They checked and removed damaged furniture and stored them safely until the repair was complete. The flood remediation experts removed and extracted as much water as possible using industrial-grade vacuums.


Next, they dried the affected areas using dehumidifiers and fans, speeding up the drying process. This aided in the drying process as it pulled moisture out of the air. The experts say that it's necessary to keep moving fans and drying out the area to ensure that no water is coming back into the place. The team continued to monitor the area throughout the repair process to ensure that no water returned.


The emergency water cleanup company removed flooded tiles and drywall and replaced them with dry material, helping to speed up the drying process. They re-sanded and fixed large areas of drywall and wooden panels to match the surrounding wall, helping to disguise the damage and reduce the cost of repair.


The flood damage crew did several things in the process of restoring the areas. They replaced the drywall, installed new carpets, and replaced anything else that needed replacing. They also reconstructed the areas where the flood was heavy enough to damage the inside of the place. The flood damage crew was always careful, and they made sure that the business became a safe and comfortable place to work after the restoration.

After a few days, the Laundromat was completely fixed and working as it had before the flooding. The team is proud of the work they did on this Laundromat and look forward to helping out at other flood victims' locations in the future.

Working with the best team

Water damage can cause disastrous damage if not repaired or replaced quickly. After a flood, it's important to have a professional company take care of the cleanup. When you have a flooded business in Northeast Yonkers, NY, you don't want to take any risks with mold damage or aggravating the problem. Many of the homes and businesses in this area have suffered from water damage at some point.

SERVPRO is a local business based in Yonkers, NY, specializing in cleaning and restoring commercial and residential property. The most common damage-related issues people face after flooding include property damage, structural damage, and mold growth. Any kind of water damage can be devastating, but our experienced teams mitigate its effects and the amount of damage it causes.

Apart from bad weather, water damage can be caused by malfunctioning washing machines or sprinkler systems and burst pipes, so it's important to hire the right crew with the right equipment to handle the job.

Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, professional water damage reconstruction.

The Pros at SERVPRO of Yonkers North

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Air mover drying out walls and floor Water Damage Remediation in Yonkers, NY

5 Evident Pros Of Using Water Damage Remediation Services

Water damage is one of the worst experiences you can go through as a homeowner or even an entrepreneur. Damage from water on your premises can lead to damage amounting to the thousands and even millions, depending on the extent of the damage and the items affected.

Water damage can be caused by numerous reasons, including flooding, damaged roof and gutters, storm bursts, underground seepage, and leaky pipes. To avoid water damage, you'll need to take the necessary steps to mitigate the risk from all these sources.

However, you can't always account for everything, and sometimes, water damage is inevitable. So, what do you do when your house, business, or premises experiences water damage? Well, you can try and clean the mess yourself, but this will not only result in increased downtime, but the damage could potentially grow.

The alternative –and best choice is to call water damage remediation specialists, like SERVPRO of Yonkers North. The team is made up of professionals trained and equipped to handle all cases of water damage.

What Are the Pros of Hiring SERVPRO?

If you need water damage remediation specialists in Yonkers, SERVPRO is the way to go. However, as a homeowner or entrepreneur, it is only wise to weigh the benefits you get from enlisting the crew. 

Thus, you might be asking, what are the advantages of hiring water damage remediation specialists? Here are a few top pros.

SERVPRO Assures Quick Restoration

Water damage can render the premises inhabitable, which can leave you without a place to stay or your business shut for long periods. The first thing you want from water damage remediation specialists is a speedy turnaround time.

SERVPRO responds immediately to all clients in the Yonkers North region. You don't have to wait for weeks of trying to get a crew as the team understands your predicament and will start working on your premises as soon as possible.

Mold Remediation

Mold is one of the common outcomes of water damage. Unfortunately, it can develop virtually anywhere. One pro of using water damage remediation specialists is that you can be sure there will be no mold after the cleanup.

Our professionals will scour every inch of the affected areas to ensure there is no mold. When there's clear development, the team will follow stipulated procedures to eliminate the mold.

Reduced Cost and Losses

Anyone who's ever experienced water damage knows just how costly it can be. A few moments of water loss can lead to irreparable damage and losses. Hiring water damage remediation specialists could mean the difference between salvaging your damaged property and writing it off.

The sooner you bring water damage remediation specialists on board, the better your mitigation chances are and the fewer losses you'll incur.

After Service Advice and Care Tips

One major pro of using water damage remediation specialists is the advice you'll get during and after the cleanup service. For example, you could have wet carpets, drywall, furniture, and appliances that were affected by the water damage. The water damage remediation specialists will advise you on what you can salvage and what you should get rid of.

Moreover, SERVPRO professionals will guide you on practical safety tips to protect your premises in the case of another water damage instance. This will help you to further cut down on costs and reduce losses incurred.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Dealing with insurance can be particularly stressful, especially after you've experienced water damage. Knowing what procedure to do and at what time could heavily influence if your insurance covers the damage and how quickly they do it.

Water damage remediation specialists like SERVPRO have the technical know-how and links with insurance coverage providers to help you navigate this process quickly and effectively.

Don't suffer in silence; contact SERVPRO and enjoy these and more perks and pros from the best water damage remediation specialists in Yonkers North.

How To Prevent Storm Damage in Your home in Northwest Yonkers, New York

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Fallen Tree Causes Damage to Home During Storm When you have storm damage in your home, call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, professional service!

5 Practical Storm Damage Prevention Tips In New York

As a homeowner, it's your responsibility to care for your premises and take every step to prevent damage. One of the most costly and devastating damages that can affect your home is storm damage.

Effects of storm damage can leave your home inhabitable for long periods and lead to insurmountable damage. As a result, making your home storm damage-proof will not only secure your abode but will also save you from spending a lot when the unthinkable happens.

So, how can you make your home storm damage-proof? Read on to learn more about storm-proofing your house and storm damage remediation in Northwest Yonkers, New York.

How to prevent storm damage to your home

While most of these tips are individually effective, combining them will give the best result and reduce the need for storm damage remediation in Northwest Yonkers, New York. These tips are;

Cleaning your gutters

Cleaning accumulated dirty leaves from the gutter isn't exactly a dream chore. However, this simple act can save you from the effects of storm damage. When these leaves and other dirt build up in the gutter, they clump together and prevent water from freely flowing from the roof.

A storm is characterized by massive water deposits, and giving them a route to flow can save you from requiring storm damage remediation in Northwest Yonkers, New York. So, take some time and clean the gutters, whether there's a forecasted storm or not.

Inspecting your home's foundation

Water is crafty and resilient, and it will penetrate even the tiniest of cracks. During a storm, the water will push and expose any vulnerabilities in your home before seeping inside. Ensure there are no cracks or gaps in your foundation. If you find any gaps, you should get a professional to repair them for the best chance of holding out heavy rain and water.

Additionally, you should also inspect the sealing on your doors and windows as the water can penetrate the space and cause water damage. These simple practices will keep you safe and reduce the need for storm damage remediation in Northwest Yonkers, New York.

Checking your environment for diseased, dying, and dead trees

Trees are an overlooked factor when considering storm damage prevention. Diseased and dead trees particularly hold a threat and can lead to severe damages in the case of a storm.

These weak trees will do little to hold up against heavy rains and strong winds. If the tree is near your house or a building, it could fall on it and cause catastrophic damage. Additionally, the gaps exposed in the impact points will be weak enough for water to penetrate.

Inspecting your roof regularly

The roof is the biggest vulnerability in case of s storm. Neglecting to inspect your roof could leave you needing storm damage remediation in Northwest Yonkers, New York. Have your roof inspected by an expert at least once a year – although this could be more frequently depending on your location and weather patterns.

It is cheaper to strengthen and fortify your roof than fix it after water damage. A sturdy roof can withstand relatively strong winds and rain, thereby keeping you safe inside your home.

Securing outdoor items

Loose items like picnic tables, grills, and lawn furniture should be properly secured to the ground or brought inside whenever there's a storm approaching. Leaving these items loose could see them used as projectiles by the storm.

Even if you've secured your roof, doors, and windows, having them knocked by a grill will significantly weaken them –if not break them entirely. Securing these items will reduce your need to call storm damage remediation in Northwest Yonkers, New York, during and after a storm.

What should you do after noticing water damage?

Even with these tips, your home could still be vulnerable, and you may notice water damage during or after a storm. Whenever you notice any damage, it's important to call water damage experts, like SERVPRO of Yonkers North. The team will assess the damage and provide a timely and effective solution to remedy the damage.

Residential Fire Damage Clean Up In Scarsdale, NY

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Fire Damaged home in Scarsdale, NY Fire Damage Clean Up in Scarsdale, NY

If you have recently suffered a house fire, you don't want to do a DIY job, you should contact a professional residential fire restoration service. Cleaning up fire and smoke damage is not something an amateur should attempt. 

1. Special Equipment is Necessary

You are not going to clean up smoke soot or be able to perform fire smoke odor removal with a dust mask and a bottle of degreaser. Fire soot cannot simply be wiped away, it requires deep cleaning of all surfaces. Deep cleaning is needed to remove residual odors by professionals who have the knowledge and experience to perform safe and thorough fire restoration.

Another factor with cleaning and attempting to perform smoke smell removal is you cannot launder your clothing in your home's washer. Using your washing machine could damage and leave undesired odors in the machine. Dry cleaning techniques are necessary if you want to salvage the clothing in your home.

2. Preserve Some of Your Property

The untrained eye looking at the fire and smoke-damaged property might determine some of it should just be disposed of. Without understanding fire restoration processes and techniques, you could throw away property you didn't have to. Fire and water restoration companies can minimize your loss after a home fire. The property that is not salvageable and has been contaminated can be properly thrown away.

3. Shorter Recovery Time to Return to Your Home

It is not a straightforward task to clean smoke damage and fire soot from a home. There is a lot of property involved that has to be inspected to determine if it can be salvaged, or needs disposal. You will also run into insurance claims to report the fire's financial impact. The entire fire and smoke damage clean-up process can be difficult and stressful. Fire and water restoration companies understand this process and provide you peace of mind when you leave these matters in their professional hands.

When you attempt a DIY process to clean up your home after a fire, it could easily backfire on you. You could throw away property that could easily be salvaged, or incorrectly fill out your insurance papers. There is also the time it will take you to perform this type of cleanup, which could significantly delay your getting your life back on track or being able to move back into your home.

Statistics show a fire disaster can happen at any time from any number of causes. If this happens to you, reduce the extent of the damages, and ensure your safety, and that of your family, by contacting fire restoration services. A fire restoration service is familiar with all aspects of this disaster and will perform a much quicker, safer, and thorough recovery process, so you can put this difficult time behind you.

Who to Call if You Experience a Home Fire in Yonkers, New York

SERVPRO of Yonkers North is New York City's cleanup and restoration company for both residential and commercial restoration. If you experience fire or water damage, we are here 24/7 to restore your business or home with our team of IICRC certified damage restoration specialists. You are ensured a restoration to your property quickly, safely, and affordably by our highly trained water, fire, and mold restoration technicians. Call SERVPRO today and let us help you put this disaster behind you quickly so you can return to your home or business as soon as possible.

Fast Reliable Water Damage Clean-Up in Yonkers, New York

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Flood cuts In Basement In Yonkers, New York Water Damage In Basement In Yonkers, New York

Water Damage is one of the most devastating experiences you can ever experience within your house or business. The damages can be severe, whether dealing with broken sewage or water pipes, heavy rains, malfunctioned appliances, or flooding from the river. Time is of the essence when dealing with water damage repair because mold can start growing within as little as 24 hours.

Immediately you notice any water damage within your home or commercial property, reach out to water damage clean–up experts such as SERVPRO of Yonkers North. They quickly dry your property, ensuring minimal or no damage to your property. Keep reading as we dive into the fastest and most reliable water damage clean-up in New York.

Why is water damage clean-up necessary?

When water gets into your building, it quickly spreads in most cases. As a result, porous building materials and furnishings absorb moisture and water. The more they absorb, the more they are damaged, and with time the material may rot, affecting their quality. It’s therefore essential to address any water damage within your property. 

Why do you need professional water damage clean-up?

As discussed above, water damage clean-up is very vital for any property. However, attempting to restore the damage yourself isn’t the best course of action. Instead, you need professional help from a water damage restoration company such as SERVPRO. They offer professional water damage clean-up services, which are the most effective and quickest way to recover following recent leaking or flooding with your commercial building or home. 

Professionals not only provide an expert response to remove debris after water damage effectively, but ensure your property is safe from the threat of structural damage. The benefits that come with working with professionals include:

  • Monitor affected areas and dry them immediately, which helps reduce structural damage to your property.

  • Use powerful equipment like pumps and vacuums to remove copious amounts of water to curb mild growth.

  • Offer a perfect restoration process which consists of cleaning and sanitizing the affected belongings, leaving them in usable condition.

Why choose SERVPRO to mitigate water damage within your property?

Faster and reliable

SERVPRO has over 1,700 Franchise locations within the USA and Canada, which are strategically located for fast response to any size of water damage. If your property is affected by water damage, contact us, and we will provide an immediate emergency response that helps prevent mold or any other secondary damage.

Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

SERVPRO has well-trained and certified specialists trained on how to use advanced drying equipment to get your home dry within a short period. Our training programs include:

  • Employee certification training

  • Continuing education classes

  • IICRC Training

  • Initial franchise training

Advanced Drying Equipment 

We make use of advanced equipment to ensure that we detect any hidden moisture with your property and extract it as quickly as possible. We also ensure that we sanitize and deodorize your home after drying it, offering you safety and comfort.

Emergency Water Damage Clean-up Service

At SERVPRO, we understand the importance of dealing with water damage rapidly following a flood or leak. We provide a professional water damage clean-up service 24/7 and a fast response. Our team of expert technicians efficiently offers water damage restoration services to clean and disinfect your property at any time of the day or night until you are delighted.


At SERVPRO, our mission is simple; provide top-quality work and unbeatable customer service. Our services go beyond water damage clean-up to include mold remediation, fire and storm damage restoration, and commercial cleaning and restoration services. We proudly provide these services in New York City and surrounding areas. Contact us today, and you won’t be disappointed.

Residential Fire Damage Clean Up In Yonkers, New York

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Fire Damage In Residential Home In Yonkers, New York Fire Damage In Residential Home In Yonkers, New York

A house fire in Yonkers, New York could have been much worse if the owners hadn't taken the appropriate steps in caring for their home. Their quick thinking allowed firefighters to save their homes, but it also resulted in heavy fire, smoke, and water damage. Soot and smoke damage could be found throughout the home, even in areas where the fire didn't reach. This is where smoke damage removal is most beneficial and actually protected their home from long-term damage and deterioration.

More Than Just Surface Damage

Although soot, smoke, and other types of fire damage are visible, they can also have devastating effects on the structure of your home as well. When it comes to the framework of your home, you should do a thorough inspection that goes deep into the structure.. Just like the family in Yonkers, New York, it is important that proper measures be taken immediately to ensure that your home maintains its overall integrity. By having their home cleaned by our professional team at SERVPRO of Yonkers North, the family in Yonkers was able to return to a home that was secure without any smoke or fire residue.

Short-Term Damage to Your Home

Within the minutes and hours after a fire, smoke and soot can begin to cause discoloration to various surfaces in your home. Plastics and grout may begin to turn yellow or brown. Metal surfaces can become tarnished. Smoke will also begin to adhere to the cloth and porous surfaces in your home causing a distinct odor that can be very difficult to get rid of. If not taken care of quickly, many of these odors can linger for long periods of time.

Long-Term Damage to Your Home

The longer soot and smoke are allowed to remain on surfaces, the more permanent the discoloration will become. Unless things are cleaned up immediately, pipes and other metal components may start to corrode. Allowing the damage to remain for any length of time can cause specific materials to deteriorate. This can dramatically increase repair or replacement costs when trying to clean up your home. Smoke smell removal practices will become more difficult the longer the smoke damage is left in place.

Protect the Structure of Your Home

Whether you are dealing with a space heater fire, electrical wall fires, or any other type of fire emergency, having fire damage restoration companies like SERVPRO available to help you clean your home and remove various types of contaminants is essential for the integrity of your home. Many of the materials in your home will begin to deteriorate almost immediately after a fire. The sooner you take control of the clean-up process, the more complete it will be. Even fire extinguisher clean-up can help to speed up the process of getting your home back in order.

SERVPRO Fire and water damage restoration specialists understand the importance of making sure your home is properly cleaned. The family in Yonkers, New York acted quickly. We were on-site and able to begin the clean-up and smoke damage removal within a few days' time. This helped to eliminate any long-term damage and made the entire clean-up process go much faster and much smoother. They were able to return to their home within a few weeks' time with no visible damage or residue left behind.

Frozen Pipe Bursts in Yonkers, NY Causes Flooding in Basement

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Frozen Pipe In Yonkers, New York Frozen Pipe In Yonkers, New York

Frozen pipes are a common cause of flooded basements in New York during the winter months. When pipes freeze in sub-zero temperatures and then thaw out as the temperature increases, they tend to crack and burst, causing basement leaks and flooding. A flooded basement is a homeowner’s nightmare and can lead to costly water damages if you don’t resolve it quickly.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage from frozen and burst pipes accounts for 24% of homeowners insurance claims. The services of water damage restoration and cleanup professionals are crucial when ice damage renders your basement and vital utilities inoperable.

This was the case for one of SERVPRO’s clients with a frozen pipe burst in Yonkers, NY, whose home experienced extensive basement flooding. Below is an overview of the water damage restoration project steps that SERVPRO of Yonkers North experts undertook to get the residential property back to a functional condition.

1. Turning Off Water and Electricity and Locating the Flooding Source

The first thing SERVPRO professionals did when the frozen pipe burst in Yonkers, NY, was turn off the main water lines to the home until we could pinpoint the source of the pipe leak. We also shut off all the electrical systems in the home to prevent electrocution as you shouldn’t wade into standing water with the power on.

Since a frozen pipe burst in Yonkers, NY, caused the basement flooding, finding and stopping the source was fairly straightforward. We just turned off the main water shutoff valve.

2. Clearing the Flooded Area and Removing the Standing water

The next step during the frozen pipe burst in Yonkers, NY involved removing and salvaging all the items stored in the basement, including boxes, furniture, carpeting, and upholstery so that we could begin the water damage cleanup process. We also removed baseboards, insulation, and sheetrock as these materials swelled and buckled after absorbing water. After clearing the basement, we began removing the standing water through water extraction techniques.

Standing water can cause further damage if it isn't removed quickly. We utilized industrial air vacuums, and high-powered submersible pumps to extract all the standing water. These state-of-the-art tools absorb surface and standing water in no time. We conducted an additional inspection to determine if there was any remaining moisture.

3. Drying and Dehumidifying the Basement

Once we physically extracted the standing water from the basement, SERVPRO’s team of experts began the drying and dehumidification phase of the restoration project. We used dehumidifiers, powerful air movers, and fans to dry out all the materials in the basement.

These materials still contained some moisture based on our early secondary inspection. Some areas and materials were also difficult to access during the water extraction process. The drying phase is a critical stage in basement flood restoration.

Although the affected area may appear dry at this point, some materials can suffer more damage if they are not aired out thoroughly. Failure to execute this phase properly may affect the integrity of basement structures in the long run. We constantly monitored the moisture levels in the basement floor and walls through the entire process, and when everything was completely dry, we began the restoration process.

4. Basement Restoration

Unfortunately, the frozen pipe burst in Yonkers, NY, caused severe damage to the basement structures, including support beams, flooring, and furnishings. This necessitated extensive restoration processes and services. SERVPRO conducted structural repairs, including repairing the walls and floor, replacing some support beams, and replacing the drywall in the basement.

Our experts also helped with the frozen pipe repair and fixing some plumbing issues. The homeowner's heating system was also affected, so our professional conducted thorough cleaning to be safe to use. There was also some compromised electrical wiring that we replaced and fixed. The final step involves mold removal and remediation.

For frozen pipe bursts in Yonkers, NY, that cause basement flooding, it is recommendable to enlist the help of a professional quickly to avoid further damage. Basement flooding from a broken water pipe doesn’t have to instill a sense of panic and dread. The team of highly-trained and certified experts from SERVPRO helped our clients in Yonkers, NY, reduce their losses, lower restoration costs, save valuable possessions, get their basement back to normal in no time and put their minds at ease.

When Your House Catches Fire In Yonkers, New York, We Are There To Help

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House Fire Clean Up In Yonkers, NY If your house catches fire, call SERVPRO for all of your fire damage clean up needs!

Residential home fires can cause extensive damage to your home. Small fires that are easily contained with a fire extinguisher can still cause major damage. If water is used to put out the fire, not only will you have to worry about smoke and soot, you will also have to be concerned with water and moisture damage. Once you have filed your insurance claim, you will need to have your home inspected to determine what type of clean up service you will need. SERVPRO offers fire damage clean-up in Yonkers as well as throughout the surrounding areas.

Types of Damage Associated with Home Fires

Soot and smoke are common causes of damage associated with residential home fires. These types of damage are often superficial, even though smoke may be able to work its way much deeper into fabrics. Water damage, on the other hand, can cause much more extensive damage due to its ability to soak into fabrics and seep into the cracks on floors, walls, and ceilings. Water can saturate porous materials causing irreparable damage if not taken care of immediately. By hiring the right fire damage clean-up services in Yonkers, your home is cleaned from top to bottom, removing moisture and restoring areas to their pre-fire state.

DIY or Hire the Professionals

Many homeowners who experience a small fire that they contain on their own, will also try to clean up the mess on their own. That may be fine for small jobs, but medium to large fires can cause damage that is very difficult to deal with on your own. In some cases, it is close to impossible to remove water, moisture, and smoke on your own. SERVPRO has the most technologically advanced equipment available and can take care of most types of fire damage clean-up in Yonkers. Their trained technicians know many methods of smoke and water removal that you can rely on to make your home livable once again.

How Long Does It Take for Fire Damage Clean-Up Yonkers

Quick thinking on your part will make fire damage clean-up in Yonkers much faster and easier. As soon as your insurance adjuster has evaluated our property, you will want to have the professionals at SERVPRO onsite and ready to get to work. The longer you allow the smoke and water to remain in your home, the harder it will be to clean it up and restore your home to its original state. The damage from smaller fires may only take a few days to clean up. Damage from larger fires may take a couple of weeks to clean up.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Home

With SERVPRO, every fire damage clean-up method used is designed to help maintain the integrity of your home. The goal is to sanitize, disinfect, and restore your home to its original state prior to the fire. Every service technician on staff has special training that ensures they are certified in smoke and water removal methods so that no one will ever be able to tell a fire occurred in your home. When you need fire damage clean-up in Yonkers, SERVPRO of Yonkers North should be the first place you call after your insurance agent.

Storm Damage In Yonkers, New York Destroys Residential Home

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Storm damage causes tree to fall on home When you have storm damage in your home, call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast professional service!

A powerful storm ripped through Yonkers, New York, destroying a residential home. Witnesses of the storm state that it only lasted for a few minutes but left a trail of destruction.

Shattering glass, uprooted trees, falling power lines, and a barrage of flying debris were just some of the damage that resulted from a powerful storm that ripped through Yonkers, New York. The storm resulted from a weak weather system that was already in place across New York state. Despite the dangerous circumstances, the storm remained mostly a rain event across the area.

The storm damage In Yonkers, New York, left a middle-aged woman helpless. It caused major damage to lawns and left her house without power.

The storm led to water damage in the home and fried all electrical components. To clean up the storm debris and fix the damages, she called SERVPRO of Yonkers North. They are one of the most responsive and trusted cleaning companies in the area.

SERVPRO storm response team responded quickly as they donned their gear and ran outside to help. The SERVPRO team is equipped with all the necessary materials for any disaster or mess. They started raking up the debris from the yard first because it was scattered everywhere and contained sharp objects.

They removed all the furniture and belongings from the house and placed them in storage while the water cleanup took place. After cleaning up all of the water, they proceeded with a structural assessment. There were also structural problems caused by the storm damage In Yonkers, New York, that need to be addressed. If you are dealing with a major storm, you will most likely need the services of a professional to assess your property.                                                                                                                                   

SERVPRO provided mold remediation services to contain and clean up any mold growth inside the home. The team also helped her with her insurance claim process by documenting the damages done by the storm and helping her file a claim with her insurance company so she could start rebuilding her life.

The technicians that responded to her basement were able to restore it safely and ensured that the water was properly cleaned from the carpet and walls. The team knew that the cleanup would take a while, so they got to work immediately. They slowly and carefully removed the water from the basement and set up fans to speed up the drying. They also set up a tarp over some of the rooms so water could not penetrate through the roof. The team went above and beyond and even cleaned the walls and ceiling!

They were extremely professional, fast, and provided a great work ethic. They are very knowledgeable in repairing storm damage in Yonkers, New York, and will do everything possible to help you out.

They also dried out all of her belongings damaged by the floodwaters. Then they cleaned all of her walls, baseboards, ceiling fans, window blinds, and door frames with SERVPRO's cleaning solutions to remove any remaining odors or mildew from the floodwaters.

They went on to replace damaged parts in the home. Typically, if any parts of the house were damaged during the storm, you'll need to replace them as soon as possible. The SERVPRO team replaced drywall, repaired floors, and even replaced doors and windows that cracked or broke during the storm.

After the storm damage restoration, the team returned to her home after a few days to ensure everything was properly working before leaving for good.

Storm damage in Yonkers, New York, can happen quickly, but fortunately, you can prepare for them before they strike your property. Call SERVPRO today if you need assistance with your next restoration project or have questions about mold cleanup in your home.

When Your Commercial Building Experiences Fire Damage: You Know Who to Call

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Fire Damage Destroys Commercial Building in Yonkers, New York If your commercial building experiences a fire, SERVPRO of Yonkers North is the place to call for all of your Fire Damage Clean Up needs

Fires occur daily, but we often don't think about them abstractly. We figure they happen to other people in other places. Rarely do you imagine that you'll have to face the reality of fire yourself.

A fire can be devastating with complex, far-reaching damage, and one that affects a commercial building, more so. The process of recovering from commercial fire damage in Yonkers, New York, can be a long one. Enlisting Professional fire damage cleanup and restoration services from SERVPRO can help shorten this process and get your commercial building operational as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO of Yonkers North recently came to the aid of a commercial client in Northwest Yonkers whose business was affected by a devastating building fire. We are going to dive into the fire damage cleanup and repair process SERVPRO's experts implemented to get our client's commercial property back to its preloss condition.

1. Fire, Smoke, and Water Damage Assessment

The first step during the project and usually conducted during the commercial fire damage in Yonkers, New York is a thorough assessment of the property and the extent of the damage in detail. SERVPRO's experts then documented the amount of damage, the items/structures that could be saved or repaired, and what had to be discarded. We also assessed the impact of the smoke and water damage during this stage.

While fire can ravage property, smoke damage can be equally pervasive and more insidious. The smoke from this particular fire had found its way into the ductwork, furniture, upholstery, and amenities that didn't see an impact from the fire. We also conducted a water damage assessment. It seems counterintuitive to be concerned about water damage following a fire.

The fire crew used water to put out the Class A fires (paper, wood, rubber, plastic, and clothing), resulting in the introduction of water into the building. Once we knew what we were dealing with, we gave our client recommendations on what to expect from the cleanup and restoration process.

2. Board Up Services/Securing the Foundation

Immediately after a fire is put out, it is vital to board up vulnerable locations in a building, including roof areas, broken windows, and destroyed walls. Following assessment, SERVPRO professionals boarded up, tarped up, and sealed the affected areas to prevent further damage from inclement weather, debris, or vandalism.

Boarding also prevents further structural damage to the building and allows safer access to insurance assessors to evaluate damage and process claims faster.

3. Cleanup and Removal

SERVPRO's professionals then started the cleaning and removal process once the client signed the work authorization. This stage provides the restoration crew with a clean, safe, and secure space to perform their duties.

Our team removed all the fire-damaged appliances, furniture, carpeting, upholstery for restoration or replacement. We also removed all the damaged and charred structural components of the building and all the debris.

Once the building was clear, our crew cleaned up soot and smoke damage, returning the building to look as normal as possible in preparation for complete restoration. SERVPRO also conducted water damage cleanup, drying, dehumidification, and sanitization utilizing high-power fans, special heaters, and industrial dehumidifiers.

4. Restoration, Repair, and Renovation

SERVPRO's restoration process aims to get the commercial building looking as good as new so that our client can return to business quickly. Our team and partners repaired or replaced the damaged flooring, carpets, drywall, and some of the damaged furniture and amenities.

SERVOPRO's experts are skilled in painting, drywall replacement, floorboard and carpet removal, repair and installation, remodeling, and carpentry projects necessary to handle different scopes of commercial fire damage in Yonkers, New York. We also uninstalled, thoroughly cleaned, and replaced the smoke-damaged ductwork.

SERVPRO also repaired and replaced the damaged structural components to reinstate the structural integrity of the building. Our team worked quickly and efficiently, and the property was up for business within the time allocated for the project, resulting in one satisfied client.

As you can tell by now, fire damage and smoke/soot damage can be highly complex aspects, especially when dealing with commercial fire damage in Yonkers, New York. The fire damage is more likely to become permanent with every passing hour. As such, if you are faced with commercial fire damage in Yonkers, New York, don't hesitate to get the damage assessed, cleaned up, and restored by the highly-skilled, well-trained, and well-equipped restoration professionals at SERVPRO.

Washing Machine Overflow Clean-Up Services In New York

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Washing Machine Overflow Clean Up In Yonkers, New York When you experience a Washing Machine Overflow in Yonkers, New York, call SERVPRO of Yonkers North

Washing machines are an integral part of livelihoods today. It may be hard to imagine, but people had to clean their clothes manually a few centuries back. This is not only tedious and labor-intensive, but manual cleaning doesn't guarantee clean clothes, especially with dirty, greasy, and muddy clothes.

Fortunately, most residential homes have a functioning washing machine today, so you don't have to worry about manually washing your laundry. However, even these modern appliances are susceptible to damage and malfunctioning now and then. These washing machines malfunctions can lead to water damage, flooding, and general ruin of your home and other items.

This was the lesson a young lady living in Yonkers, New York, found out the hard way. Typically, she put her laundry in the washing machine and continued with her other housework. After a few minutes, she heard the washing machine making a rough noise, but she ignored it.

After some time had passed, the lady was shocked to find water in her kitchen. She quickly traced the source of the leaking water to the laundry room. The washing machine was overflowing, and water had spread to most of the house.

There was extensive hardwood floor damage, and although she tried to mitigate the damage by turning off the machine, little could be done to undo most of the damage.

Contacting professionals

After unsuccessfully trying to resolve the matter, she figured she wasn't helping the situation much. If she didn't do something quick, the whole apartment would soon be flooded. This was when she decided to contact SERVPRO of Yonkers North, the leading washing machine overflow clean-up company in Yonkers, NY. This move and quick thinking are what saved the lady thousands of dollars in damage from flooding.

When the professional crew from the washing machine overflow clean-up company in Yonkers, NY, got to the premises, they knew they had to act quickly in order to mitigate the damage and contain the situation. The first step from the washing machine overflow clean-up company in Yonkers, NY, was to turn off the power supply to the appliance.

Most homeowners often try to fix a broken washing machine by pressing the 'cancel' button. However, this often makes the situation worse. Pressing the button can activate the drain cycle and lead to more water being drained into your house and floor.

SERVPRO professions from the washing machine overflow clean-up company in Yonkers, NY, are trained to stop the leaking water by cutting the washing machine's power from the fuse box or circuit breaker.

After cutting off the power supply, the SERVPRO crew then removed all items that could be damaged by the water, including carpets and furniture. After that, they identified the root cause of the water leak from the appliance before fixing it. While some aspects of the apartment, like the hardwood floor, had experienced extensive damage, most of the other parts and appliances of the house were safely salvaged.

Quality service assurance

Before the crew from the washing machine overflow clean-up company in Yonkers, NY, left, they ensured everything was restored, and the appliance was functional. The team of professionals even ran the machine and finished the previously running laundry to ascertain this. Doing so ensures there are no more leakages or overflow and that the main problem is fixed. SERVPRO professionals will always work towards restoring your washing machine in as little time as possible and minimizing any downtime.

When should you call SERVPRO experts?

SERVPRO is the leading washing machine overflow clean-up company in Yonkers, NY and the team is always willing to lend a helping hand. Whenever you have issues with your washing machine, contact the pros before the problem gets out of hand. The earlier the problem is looked at, the more fixing options you have and the lesser the damage. Contact SERVPRO today for all washing machine-related complications.


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